Number one choice for fully automated 3D digitisation for cultural heritage

Scan any object up to 3 meters in 6 minutes in the highest possible quality

Witikon system creates:

288+ Photos

Proffesional Photos

360° Photography

Object Panorama – Sequence of Aligned Photos

3D Model

Highly precise with millions of triangles


Do you need to scan hundreds of items?

Do you wish to scan objects in the highest possible visual quality?

Would you like to dramatically reduce your scanning time down to just a few minutes per item?

Are you tired of low quality, time consuming, and troublesome digitalization process?

Do you need to digitalize objects of different sizes?

Do you have sensitive items which require minimum manipulation?

Do you make your items available to other institutions on regular basis and spend a lot of money and time checking the status before and after?

Would you like to reduce your insurance costs per item?

Do you own a number of items which cannot be physically displayed, but could be presented online?

Would you like anyone with standard office hardware and software be able to view high quality data?

Are you searching for a simple and integrated solution for your digitalization?

Would you like to have a scalable solution which fits your quality standards and budget?

Would you like to maximize your return on investment?

What can Witikon do for you?

Scan up to in 100 objects in 24 hours generating 100×288=28800 photos!

Scan objects of different sizes ranging from 5 cm to 3 meters

Create highest quality photography using PHASE ONE medium format DB with up to 100 Mpix

Create highest quality 360° photography, which can be viewed by everyone not requiring special hardware and software

Generate photorealistic 3D models consisting of 50+ million triangles effortlesly

Fast Setup – Fast Capture – Premium Results

Witikon Benefits


6 minutes per object


Up to 100MPix


Up to 0,001 millimetre


True scale


Difficult materials (dark, silver, glossy) and objects up to 3m

Object Safety

Minimum manipulation and sensors

3D Option

Integrated 3D reconstruction even during scan


Minimum postprocessing


Operate from touch screen

Fully Automated 24/7

Industrial grade built

2 + 3D Digitisation

Both – Witikon generates photos, 360 photography and 3D

Long term validity and usability of the data

Shot with up to 100 MPix,which can see more than an eye can see

Protection against falsification

Digital finger print service

Reduction of insurance premium

Captures the damage on the item over time and when rented

High accessibility to public and experts

Online display for public and research easy and low cost

Wittikon addresses all the needs behind 3D digitisation


Determined by speed of processing large volume of objects.
Time per item.

Gallery Display

Re-contextualization and study.
Perfect texture of 3D object models is required.

Online Display For Public

Lower resolution allowing viewing on standard devices.
Thin client for visualization.

Online For Research

Allowing the study of details, measurements, online annotations, etc.
High resolution.

Virtual Reality

3D models of precious objects – e.g. for virtual museum concepts occurring.
Easy streaming.

Creation of 3D printouts

Range from perfect duplicates (exhibits) to mass-produced souvenirs.
Export to print formats.

Rapid 3D models with top quality texture